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Agma Io

Play – Massive Cells Game. Eat other players and grow larger. Level up and use powerups to get better ranking between the top 10 players. Great community. Addictive game.

Agma is a simple multiplayer game (but with very advanced features) where you eat food and other players to grow larger.

The purpose of the game is to grow large by eating other smaller cells and dominate the server. As you grow larger, you will reach the leaderboard (top right of your screen). Depending on which server you play on, there are different ways and techniques.


Press SPACE to split your cells. W to feed. You can also hold W or Z to autofeed and autosplit. Use your mouse to control where your cell moves.


Powerups help you reach the leaderboard, are incredibly satisfying, and make you feel powerful. Powerups will display in the bottom of your screen, in your inventory. If you are a new player, you will not have any powerups, so you will need to either farm them in the game, or collect coins in game and buy them from the shop. As you play, you will level up your account if you are registered and logged in.


The easiest servers to start playing on are “”, and “Selffeed” servers. You will see all the servers in the serverlist on the right side of the menu. Click on a server and you will to it. Selffeed servers are easy to play on because you only need to hold W and Z keys on your keyboard at the same time to grow large! Very simple. Once you are large, you can try to split and eat other players, but you must time it correctly or they will eat you first!


Agma is great to play with friends and teammates. You can chat, add friends to your friendlist (button located at the top right of the screen, left from the leaderboard), and private chat with friends. You can right click another player's cells in the game OR the player's name in the chat, and select the option “invite to ”. You will then be in the same squad/group/party as that player and you can see each other on the map (located at the bottom right), speak privately in the Party chat, and team on the server.


You can also learn more advanced tips, tricks, secrets by reading a know-all agma guide written by our staff member Shade and contributed to by tens of other well known agma members. It is one of the best compiled resources with information, and was worked on for over a year. It is currently FREE for everyone to read, and can be found in PDF format here (click)

If you have any other questions, such as how to get gold name, donator rank, red youtuber name, bots, or anything else, please read the FAQ page or join our discord and ask in the chat channel. We are active and will help answer questions, show you the game, and join playing with you if you need a teammate!

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