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Venge Io

likely refers to a combination of two heroes in the popular Dota 2: Vengeful Spirit and Io, also known as Wisp.

The Venge Io combination is a well-known and popular strategy in Dota 2 that involves using Io's abilities to tether to Vengeful Spirit and provide her with healing, speed, and mobility. Vengeful Spirit, in , can use her abilities to stun and control enemy heroes while also increasing the damage output of her allies.

This combination is often played as a roaming duo, moving around the map to gank enemy heroes and secure kills. The duo can also be effective in team fights, where they can provide strong crowd control and damage output while staying alive thanks to Io's healing and mobility.

Venge Io is a strong and popular strategy in Dota 2, especially in professional play. It requires good communication and coordination between the two players, as well as careful positioning and timing to maximize the effectiveness of their abilities.

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Game Name : Venge Io