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Mope Io Unblocked

is a in which we control an animal and evolve it by raising its level. What I call evolution is the change of the animal, as above, it is already indicated by arrows at this time. In other , are divided into 3 groups, like black and glacier, and each animal has a unique feature and a A lion cannot be as comfortable in water as an octopus is on glaciers or a polar bear on land as well as in its own region. Finally, if aquatic animals come out of the water, the water bar runs out faster than normal animals, that is, the need for water.

How to play Mope io?
Mope io is a game that can be played with the mouse, only if you want to put your own animal in the water while in the water, you can dive by right-clicking the mouse or pressing the w button. I said that every animal has its own feature, I will explain it here. Or if you press the w button, you can't use these features all the time.

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Game Name : Mope Io Unblocked