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Slither İo Online

The aim in Slither is to enlarge your and enter the “Top 10” lists, which include the best of the , as in Io games. You can follow your ranking status from the “Leaderboard” section in the upper right corner of the screen.

Small snake can eat big snake

In order to do this, you have to cut off the other snakes that come in your way, blow them up and eat their leftovers. Of course, while doing this, it is necessary to slither like a snake, as the game gives its name. The rules are simple, but raising the snake is a little difficult. In any case, the game creates addiction in a short time with its simple but arduous structure. When you encounter a snake bigger than you, you do not need to be afraid and run away immediately. Because if you can get in front of that snake and its path, you win.

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Game Name : Slither İo Online