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Yorg Io Unblocked Game

's main goal is to survive as long as possible. and defend your base. If the main building is destroyed, you lose. This is about chains, you have to build mines and run them through a network to make a small economy work for you! Gather and accumulate enough resources to supply defensive buildings such as Arrow Tower or Artillery Tower.

Level up the units in your base to gain even more advantages. Yorg io maximum building level 7 applies to every building in the game. The higher the level of the building, the more effective it is. Make sure to upgrade the mines first to get more resources.

During the day it is safe to build whatever you want, but at night you have to be prepared for the of . They are trying to go straight to the base, so you can get a clue to build the walls first. Sometimes you don't need to build a wall in a particular place and it is absolutely safe. Once in 10 waves, mega zombies will almost destroy your base. After killing zombies, the building is automatically repaired, but the destroyed building cannot be rebuilt.

Yorg io Corner-closure Tactic: It is designed to be extremely economical and reliable. Corner closure is a two-pronged strategy: cover the large area and place walls only at the corners of your base. An easy way to visualize the corner siding is to imagine what the base would look like as the walls enclose each surface and then imagine the corners on that surface. If the base is shaped like a square, then walls are put only at the corners.

Pros: Affordable. Quickly sets your base in pregame.

Cons: Very difficult to reach high levels without placing walls on every surface. It is very difficult to reach high levels due to the large base volume.

Yorg io Turtle Tactic: The standard strategy for most, with many variations. The basic strategy consists of choosing a small area of ​​the map where there are 4 crystals, settling in the factories and placing them near the base, a few rows of walls will protect your base and ideally only your artillery towers will be near the walls and your mines will be behind them.

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